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Lakewinds I
Cluster Standards


Please remember that there are Lakewinds I Cluster and general Reston Association design standards for most external aspects of our homes and yards. These include, but are not limited to, paint and stain colors on our houses, doors (main, sliding and storm), windows, hardscapes, external building changes, lighting and tree removal. Please consult a member of the Lakewinds I Board and the Reston Association before investing in any changes. If changes are made contrary to established standards you could be asked to remove or restore your changes to their original status.

Cluster Color Standards

Click here for a list of the current Lakewinds I color standards.
Click here for a list of current Lakewinds I door color palette standard.
This palette supersedes all other door palettes and colors. It was adopt as of May 26, 2009. All front doors painted after this date MUST use one of these colors.

Please note that we have purposely not included color swatches for the color standards on this website. Likewise paint companies do not show color swatches for their colors online. This is because computer monitor and printer settings can be extremely variable and misleading and can cause incorrect color choices.

Other Cluster Standards

The official and up-to-date copy of the cluster standards are held by the Reston Association and their Design Review Board. Our cluster liaison at RA is Vern James (703-435-6506 or vern@reston.org) who can be contacted with questions concerning our cluster's standards.

Reston Standards

As stated above, in addition to Lakewinds I Cluster standards, residents must abide by Reston Association standards. Click here to go to the Reston Association website.

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