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Lakewinds I Cluster
Parking Regulations


Designated Parking Spaces

Each house in the Lakeswinds Cluster has two (2), numerically designated, assigned parking spaces. (Ask a Board member for a list of assigned parking spaces if you do not have one.) These are for the exclusive use ( 24/7 ) of the residents and guests of the corresponding house. Residents/owners are responsible for where they and their visitors park. This includes guests, service and construction people. If you have a visitor to your house, be it a friend/relative, a regular service provider (e.g., maid service), or special case visitor (e.g. handyman, or construction), it is your responsibility to make sure they do not park in a space assigned to another household or in a fire lane.

Please refer to the Guest Parking section below for visitor parking locations.

Fire Lanes

Curb areas within the cluster are designated fire lanes. These curbs are painted yellow and parking is NOT allowed. As a further clarification, our open roadways are also part of these fire lanes and vehicles cannot be "double parked" in the middle of the street or across the back of legally parked cars. This creates a serious restriction for emergency vehicles and impinges upon the parking of other vehicles into nearby reserved parking spaces. NOTE: According to the cluster bylaws the Fairfax County Police have jurisdiction in our parking areas. They may patrol at any hour and ticket cars parked illegally against a yellow curb or not in a designated parking spot.

Parking Enforcement

Parking violations are subject to enforcement proceedures put in place by the Lakewind's I Board. This policy has been published and distributed to all residents and it is the responsibility of residents to make sure that they and their visitors abide by this policy. If you are parked in violation of the Cluster regulations -- either in another household's reserved parking space, in a fire lane, or improperly in a guest parking space -- a violation sticker may be placed on your windshield or your car may be towed at your expense.

Click here for a copy of the parking enforcement policy.

For towing, call Al's Towing at 703-790-1156.

Guest Parking Spaces

There are four (4) well marked, guest parking spaces in the cluster to be shared by all residents. These guest parking spaces are to accommodate occasional visitors and are not to be used as a parking alternative for additional cars associated with a household. Overflow parking is available on Ridge Heights Rd. outside the entrance to the cluster.

A parking placard must be displayed by cars parked in the guest spaces. Parking placards have been destributed to each house hold for use on the dashboard of cars parked in designated guest spaces. If you do not have one, please contact a Board member

Click here for a copy of the parking enforcement policy.

Click here for a map of the Guest Parking spaces.

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