Important Information

This page contains important, at-a-glance information for residents/owners. Follow the links for additional information and details on the various subjects.

Before You Change Anything

Please remember that there are Lakewinds I Cluster and general Reston Association design standards for most external aspects of our homes and yards. These include, but are not limited to, paint and stain colors on our houses, doors (main, sliding and storm), windows, hardscapes, external building changes, lighting and tree removal. Please consult a member of the Lakewinds I Board and the Reston Association before investing in any changes. If changes are made contrary to established standards you could be asked to remove or restore your changes to their original status.

Click here to visit the cluster standards page for more information.

Click here to visit the Reston Association (RA) Design Review Board (DRB) page for more information on that part of the process.


Each house in the Lakeswinds Cluster has two (2), numerically designated, assigned parking spaces. These are for the exclusive use (24/7) of the residents and guests of the corresponding house. All street areas within the cluster are designated as fire lanes. Parking is NOT allowed in the street, either along the yellow curb or across the back of reserved spaces. Residents/owners are responsible for where their visitors park. Please be a good neighbor and respect other's parking spaces.

Parking violations are subject to enforcement proceedures put in place by the Lakewind's I Board. Click here for an explanation of the Cluster parking policy and enforcement proceedures.

Dog Walking

Please do not walk your dog on your neighbor's private property (front or back yards) or in cluster common areas. Such behavior is unsanitary, destroys grass and plantings and does not reflect well on you or our cluster. In addition you are required, by Fairfax County law, to pick up after your dog. As a reminder, all waste that flows into our storm drains goes directly into our lake. Dog feces draining into the lake promote unsanitary and dangerous conditions in our beautiful resource.

Also as a reminder, Fairfax County has a leash law. This means that your dog must be on a leash at all times when not on your property. Except for fenced areas, our yards will not contain a curious dog and they will likely stray off of your property. Please respect your neighbor's yard and cluster common spaces.

Click here to view the official dog walking policy distributed by the Lakewinds I Board in 2003.

Mailbox Locks and Keys

If you have lost your mailbox keys or the mailbox lock does not work please contact the Reston Post Office at 703-689-9874. They will schedule someone to come out and replace your lock and give you three (3) new keys. There will be a cost to you (currently $20.00) payable to the Post Office.

You cannot get a locksmith to handle must be done by the Post Office.

Trash & Recycling Pickup

Trash pickup in our cluster occurs twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays. Recycling is picked up by a separate truck on Thursdays. Trash and recycling pickups are a necessity of life but can make the cluster look unsightly. Residents are asked to put their trash (in sealed, animal proof, containers) and recycling out as late as is practical on the day before or early in the morning on the day of the pickup.

Click here for more information on trash removal and recycling.

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